Who can imagine a world without the web? Whilst having a web site is now mandatory for most businesses, individual projects within organisations and targetted marketing campaigns increasingly use micro-sites as a way of conveying a distinct proposition or identity as well as for tracking campaign responses.

Objenix does more than just web design - we help clients develop a clear and focused online identity. In a crowded market, online marketing and search engine performance have become increasingly important. This is why we take particular care in the positioning of web sites and the optimisation of search engine performance. We also have in-depth experience in the development of interactive sites with visitor registration, member areas and dynamic content managed by a bespoke back-end Content Management System (CMS).

@      Whatever the requirement, we will be happy to discuss your project and explore ways in which Objenix can help. You can call Objenix on 0800 5428812 (or international +44 (0)1223 263007) or email consulting@objenix.com
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